James Bryan Waller

Mt. Vernon – Bryan Waller, 64, of here died July 17, 2021 at Tidal Health hospital in Salisbury, MD in the presence of his family.

Born in Mt. Vernon September 26, 1956, Bryan was the son of the late Capt. George B. and Margaret Waller. He worked for the Interstate Co. out of Philadelphia.

He loved working on the tugboat and being on the water, and when he was home, he loved going out in the river to go fishing and crabbing. He worked on the job from the time he was 16 yrs. old until his retirement. Bryan loved his family and friends.

He is survived by his five sisters, Margaret Parks of Fairmount, MD, Georgianna Odom of Delmar, DE, Sharon Barnes of Princess Anne, MD, Patsy Ridgeway of Mt. Vernon, MD, and Vickie Taylor of Laurel, DE. Bryan had so many nieces and nephews. He loved his family and would help anybody if he could. Bryan was a humble man.

A memorial service will be held at 1:00 P.M. on July 31, 2021 at Hinman Funeral Home, P.A. 11673 Somerset Ave in Princess Anne, MD.

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  • Kathaleen Bagwell

    I just want the family to know that my prayers are with you all,an to my neighbor Georgeanna I know you will miss BRYAN but just remember all the good times you had and how much he loved you with time the hurt will get lighter but his memories will forever be in your hear [ GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN] MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL

  • Kasha Pusey Sempsrott

    Bryan was a dear friend of my parents. I spent the majority of my childhood cracking clams and cutting up bait aboard many of his boats. Most of my fondest memories, as both a child, as well as an adult, included his love.

    When troubled waters surrounded me, he was as safe as a ship in port. Though Bryan did not have biological children of his own, I never felt loved any less.

    Today, I’ll raise a whiskey glass of V.O and bid farewell to one of the fondest folks this world has ever known. I couldn’t have been where I am today had Bryan not loved us the way he did.

    Anchors up, Capt.

    I’ll bet Cappy, Smoke, and so many others are sankerin around sipping a little something waiting on a WHOMPER right now.

    With Respect and Condolences to the family,

    Anna and Kasha

  • Leo Carlins

    Fairwell to my dear friend. Some of my fondest memories are the times spent with Bryan, Fred, and myself on the water. Laughing, telling stories, and catching a lot of fish. Condolences to the family. -Leo
    (My father asked me to type this. He was crying and very emotional about the loss of his dear friend. He had so many wonderful things to say about him. Sorry for your loss. “Fairwell and following seas”-Angelia).

  • Fred Kramer

    My friend, my Captain, I was truly blessed to know you. We fished together for 30 plus years. You taught me what I know about fishing in the great place we loved and cherished the “Chesapeake bay” When you were on a 2 week schedule we fished 12 days. Then when you were on a 3 week on and off schedule we fished 19 days/nights. I knew you were serious when we would buy 8 dozen softs crabs at a time from parks. I knew you were serious when The late Bobby Ford told us where he bought his blooodworms, we would buy 2 flats from laurel and hopefully that would last for a few weeks. Your great love and exemplary respect for your wonderful parents was a blessing for all to follow. Your constant love and deep concern for your siblings and all family was an example that should be taught to all. How many times would we look down into the water and be struck by the beauty that god created for us to be able to admire and enjoy. Gosh the things we talked about Animals, Art, astronomy and space, business and finance, computers, chemistry, physics, family, earth and sciences, food and agriculture. government and law, health and the sciences, all the different languages and different continents, I could go on and on, but the best thing I Learned from you my captain was the love of life. so my captain I say to you again “just one more cast”.

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